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Jumpropes - Criss Cross series

Scissors, cross hop, heel to toe, and 2-step


Jump rope while crossing your legs in 4 different drills. First is "scissors" where one foot is forward and the other is back - on each jump the two feet switch positions. The second is "cross hop", in which the two feet spread out to either side then on each jump they alternate sides, crossing and uncrossing your legs in the process. The third is "heel to toe" in which one foot is jumping while the other is alternating stepping forward with the heel touching the ground then stepping backwards with that toes touching the ground. Be sure to do both sides. Do all of these for time or for amount.
WBW is brought to you in association with Junior Athletics of the Midwest. Work with a partner, alone, or both for each day's workout. Choose one or two days per week to rest, and please use your newly developed skills wisely and cautiously. WBW is not responsible for any broken ankles, broken backboards, or broken hearts caused by players who have routinely completed our weekly workouts. Any substantial monetary, physical, ego, or social gain as a result of these workouts is entirely yours to keep.