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Nash Drill

Sprint down and back for 3 minutes. Steve Nash can get 30! A good score is 24.


Full out sprint from one baseline to the other, and continue this for 3 minutes. Don't pace yourself too much. Set new goals for yourself each time you run it, no matter how low or high your goals are. Steve Nash can do 30 in 3 minutes.
WBW is brought to you in association with Junior Athletics of the Midwest. Work with a partner, alone, or both for each day's workout. Choose one or two days per week to rest, and please use your newly developed skills wisely and cautiously. WBW is not responsible for any broken ankles, broken backboards, or broken hearts caused by players who have routinely completed our weekly workouts. Any substantial monetary, physical, ego, or social gain as a result of these workouts is entirely yours to keep.